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Gangsta Story 2


Embark on a grand scale epic mission where protecting yourself and your loved ones has never been so wanted. The theft of your gangsta auto spurs you to take revenge on those that left you for dead. You have just arrived in the a new grand city and already you can sense the corruption and violence drawing you back to your old gangsta life.
Getting out of being a hitman is never easy. They always find you and always want what you have. Theft and racing will always be tolerated in this neighbourhood. So get yourself an auto and race to win money and pride.
- Free roam around a grand city crawling with the fowl smell of corruption, theft and violence.- Race fast auto's and protect yourself and your hideout from attacks.- 10 sweet auto vehicles and many other to take for a spin around the streets.- Sell cars at Franklins Autos or visit Cranks Cars for the ultimate ride.- Kill or be killed using your handgun and rifle or get yourself some grenades to make it a little easier.- A advanced auto aim for mobile. To help you get those gangsta style kills.- Kill missions, theft missions and races galore.